Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Blog: Moonlighting Mama

Change is a good thing; it keeps us moving, and can inspire us. I had been thinking for a while that it was about time for a change here at Sugar Plum Delights. When I started this blog, it was mainly about my crafty side-business of the same name. My original goals for the blog were basically to showcase what I was working on for my Etsy shop and craft fairs and so on. But as the years went on, the blog started to evolve, and I was posting more than just crafty things. So, I decided to diversify and start a new blog: Moonlighting Mama.

With this new blog, I intend to talk not only about crafting, but to work in more cooking (see Freezer Cooking Fridays), a little design here and there, home stuff, and maybe even a little financial management. I wanted to broaden my focus and not be tied down to a certain topic, which is how I felt with the this blog.

So, please bear with me as I build this new site; fun things are coming! All of the old contect from right here on Sugar Plum Delights is there, including all of the great recipes and tutorials. More of that is coming too! Please bear with me on the design of the new blog; I'm still working on it.

And lastly, why the name Moonlighting Mama? Well, I have two children and a husband, I work full time outside the home, I have a crafty side business and a Scentsy business to maintain. Most of the work on my other projects happens after the kids go to bed, which is when the moon is up. So, I’m a mama, and I moonlight.

Thanks for reading!

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