Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If only...

If only I had thought of it first, I would be a millionaire! Let me start off by saying that I love Babylegs, and my daughter has 4 pairs that are cute as can be. I think it's such a great idea! But lately I've been seeing non-Babylegs baby leg warmers all over Etsy and Craftster in such cute designs, and was like, hmmm.. Well they make them, why can't I? So after browsing around I found a tutorial and was off to the sewing machine...after a trip to Target, of course, as I generally don't keep a stash of knee socks lying around. About an hour later, much to my dismay, I had produced my very own baby leg warmer! I say dismay because I was actually impressed with my ability to follow the instructions that I found. See pics below!
Closeup of cuff:

Before and After, side by side:
Closeup of cute little bow:
I'm still honing my sewing skills, and I had never sewn a cuff before, so it's a little rough, but it was only my first try. I don't think I'll be selling these, but you never know what might pop up in the shop! For right now, Rebecca will be enjoying these heart-warmers on Valentine's Day! I love putting her in shorts and leg warmers.


HobbyZu said...

Oh, those are soo cute!! Makes me wish I had a little girl. :-) For your first try, you really did a good job!

PamperingBeki said...

Oh how cute!! Great job!!!!

My daughter is almost 8 and still loves her babylegs. They're adorable on her in a punk rocker sort of way. She also wears them on her arms with short sleeve tees and it looks super cute.