Monday, February 11, 2008

Clippy Crazy and more!

I've gone hair clip crazy! I've been seeing these little hair clips all over ebay, etsy, everywhere, and decided that they might look good in my daughter's hair. And of course, why should I buy something that I could easily make myself? So, after purchasing a bulk of hair clips and ribbon, voila! Hair clips galore!

The ones pictured are all available in the shop right now. There are many more to come, as I've recently gone a little ribbon crazy. Let's just say a ridiculous amount of money was spent at Michael's last week. So stay tuned for more designs! I'm also working on a non-slip clip, so I'm trying different methods. These are just simple and cute ways to hold back the "crazy hair" toddlers often have. My daughter is not an exception. Her hair is out of control!

I also designed the little cards the clips are attached to. What do you think?

I've also had some exciting news over the weekend; I've been made! I was accepted into the Atlanta Craft Mafia! I'm very excited at the prospect of joining this wonderful group of ladies in all their crafty glory. It will open up lots of opportunity for networking, and different shows that come available. Stay tuned!

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Tennsley said...

I'm from Atlanta too! Nice to see another Atlantian.