Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monogrammed Tumblers - New!

Have you seen these tumblers? I LOVE them! I remember seeing them last summer at a certain well-known coffee shop, but of course they had the shop's logo on them. I thought, oh, those are cute, but I didn't necessarily want the logo. Fast forward to this past Spring/Summer. These tumblers are popping up all over the crafty world with monograms and many other fun designs, and now we're bringing them to you!

These are double-walled insulated acrylic tumblers with a straw included. I absolutely love my tumbler because it doesn't sweat when I'm toting around a tasty iced beverage. The tumblers hold 16 ounces, which is just the right size for a Grande Iced Mocha at the aforementioned coffee shop. And of course the reusable straw is included!

If you're looking for a great gift, this is perfect. Just slip a gift card inside the cup, stick it in a gift bag and you're good to go.

So far the Vine Monogram font has been the most popular, but other fonts are available as well. I really like this one, it just looks nice. 

I'm stocked up on tumblers and have another shipment coming in soon, so if you need one, check out the listing in the shop!

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