Saturday, March 22, 2008

Keychains Galore!

This embroidery thing is pretty cool. I've been playing with my machine and learning more about it every chance I get. I still haven't figured out the whole stabilizer and what to use when, but that may take a while. I also have this software that seems complicated, but everyone says it's the best on the market. Whatever! I want point and click interaction here. But, I'm learning, and in the meantime I can at least monogram! Okay maybe not monogram in the guest towel monogram sort of way, but I'm getting there. Tonight, I produced these lovely objects:

Aren't they cute? I was pretty impressed with myself, I have to admit. My husband said I should have spelled out "ASK" in the picture, but I wanted the pink one in the middle. Anyway, I'll be listing them in the shop this evening. Customers will be able to choose the color of the webbing and the font. I better order more webbing, I'm running low. Yikes! The colors I currently have are fuschia (limited), pink, red, black, turquoise and brown. Font choices are Curlz, Girls Are Weird (the fuschia one), and Tina (red). I'm working on getting more. I LOVE fonts, almost as much as I love fabric, so you can bet I'll have a ton of choices!

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