Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New! Zippered Tissue Cases

If anyone has been keeping up, you'll know that I love "in-the-hoop" embroidery projects. "In-the-Hoop" projects, for those unfamiliar with machine embroidery, means that the design is sewn completely (or almost) by the machine. I love this. Anything that I can do quicker and easier I totally go for. So, when I saw this design by GG Designs Embroidery, I got it immediately. I finally had a chance to stitch it out this morning, and voila! Love!

I can see making tons of these things, they're so useful. Not only are they great for tissues, but you can put in makeup, cell phones (it's a bit snug for an iPhone), iPods, personal items....anything!
Guess what my kids' daycare teachers are getting for Christmas?
I only have one made up so far, but plan on doing many more and having them available in the shop. If you just can't wait and need one immediately, just let me know.

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