Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beer, Badge Clips, and Promos...

They are three unrelated items, and I would have liked to have stuck with the alliteration, just because I think alliteration is cool, but I couldn't think of a B word for promotional items. Can you?

About the beer...there is an awesome seller on Etsy named Tracy, and she has a shop named The Homespun Raven. She makes really nice signs and shelf sitters with fun sayings, and I had to have one. My husband is an avid beer drinker; not just a casual, hey I'm going to have a beer-type drinker, but he really gets into the science of it, and actually brews his own. So I thought, a sign with the famous Ben Franklin quote would be a perfect "just because" gift. Aren't I a swell wife? Here is what Tracy produced for me:

Isn't it great? We just got it in the mail yesterday, and I love it, and more importantly, my hubby loved it too. Go visit her shop! She has lots of great stuff, and does custom orders, too.

Badge Clips: In my day-job, I work for a large corporation here in Atlanta, and we're very secure. We have to scan badges to get into each building, and there are lots of them. So that means that everyone here has an id badge, and most likely a badge clip to go with it. They're all pretty boring, at least the ones that I've seen, whether they have a company logo on them, or not. Poking around Etsy, I've seen some pimped up badge reels, so I was like, I could do that, with my embroidery machine (I think it needs a name) by my side. I formulated a plan yesterday while I was at work, then when I got home and after putting Pookie to bed, I went to work. This is the end result:

I like it so much better than the ol Security logo that was on there before. Adds a little splash to something I have to carry around constantly. I'm thinking of offering them to employees, and a few may show up on Etsy, I haven't decided on that one yet.

Promos: Since we have a few markets coming up, I've been trying to think of something good to use as a promotional item. I would love to do magnets that are big enough to put the biz name and website on, but I want a Tecre button machine to do that, and those are expensive (I do have a birthday coming up - hint, hint). I do have my lovely Xyron machine that can make anything into a magnet, so my dream of magnets may still be realized. Still working on that one. Anyway, my new fascination with Mod Podge yielded some fun art clips (clothespins with pretty paper on them), so I wrote the website on there with one my many trusty Sharpies, and glued on a magnet. Ta da!

I love Sharpies. They can do anything. Now we have pretty clothespin magnets with the website on them to giveaway. I need to break out my stash of paper and make up some more. They can't all be purple. Or can they?

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