Thursday, April 17, 2008

Burps Galore!

Does three or four burp cloths qualify as "galore"? Exactly what is the number of something to be considered galore? I'm not sure, but I think this qualifies. I'm on a burp cloth kick. After arguing with my embroidery machine the other night (I won), I was able to produce these lovelies:

I was really happy with the way they turned out. "Hannah" was the first one I did, and I decided that I placed the design too high. "Addison" was a little better, and finally on "Boy" I hit it just right. I think they're super cute with the ribbon on the bottom. And much easier to deal with (in my opinion) than a fabric bottom. In case you're wondering, these do have a purpose. Hannah is expected to arrive May 5 to my friend Heather in Orlando (don't look Heather!), and Addison is my cousins new little girl. The Boy cloth I just thought was a cute design, and it's now available in the shop. I decided to do a bib to match, and they're available as a set:

Bibs are new to me, but I thought this one was easy, so be on the lookout for more bibs popping up! Next I need to order some bloomers/diaper covers and see how those do. I'm also looking for a cute "Girl" definition to go with the "Boy". Any suggestions? Hey wait a minute, this could be a contest...I'll have to think on that one. Stay tuned!

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