Friday, April 4, 2008

Fabric Fridays!

I'm starting a new feature today, Fabric Fridays! I love fabric so much, I wish I could buy bolts of all my favorites. I also love poking around on Etsy and looking at all the great fabrics people have for sale. So today I was shopping around, and after buying some ribbon I probably don't need, I decided to look at fabrics. My, oh my. So many fun prints! These were a few of my favorites:

When I saw these two prints, I thought of my mom. She collects tea pots and loves to drink tea..

I know they don't coordinate, but now I'm thinking, well, I could just make her two bags for her to carry around her stuff, or maybe an apron that she would probably never wear.... hmmm. These two lovely fabrics are available at My Heart and Sew. They also have lots of other fun prints I'm having a hard time resisting.

Spring is upon us here in Atlanta, and there's tons and TONS of pollen laying around to prove it. I found this super-cute bright and cheery non-pollenating flower fabric at It's My Notion:

I just love it! Makes me think of a cute little girl dress, or maybe a tag blanket with comfy fleece or minky on the back. This is all going to get me in trouble, I can tell! Maybe this idea of featuring fabrics once a week isn't a good idea after all!

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