Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Almost Grilling Season...

I know this doesn't really have much to do with the main focus of Sugar Plum Delights, which is stuff for babies and kids, but I thought this design was cool, and I couldn't wait to stitch it out. So, I present the "Grill King" Apron:

And a closeup:

Isn't it fun? I thought this would be a perfect gift for Father's Day! There are so many wonderful embroidery designs out there that I'm finding it hard to limit myself to items for children. I might have to move "other" items to another shop. We shall have to see! Anyway, this apron is not currently available in the shop, but if you're interested, please email me. I'm thinking of offering customization on these as well. So your Grill King can have a personalized apron of his very own! Keep an eye out for towels with this design coming soon. Birthday season is coming up in our family, so this might be a winner all around (Katie: shhhh!).

These aprons, as well as some I'm working on for the ladies, will be available at upcoming markets. Come and check us out!

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