Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Bubbles!

As I was poking around Target yesterday searching for the perfect birthday gift for my 2-year old, I discovered this Bubble Generator. Now, having a 4-year old and a 2-year old, we go through a lot of bubbles. I've run out of breath countless times trying to keep them happy by blowing bubbles. If you have kids, you know one thing: kids love bubbles. Lots of them. It doesn't matter if you're tired, if you're blue in the face, or if you're about to pass out, they want more.

I was originally leaning towards the bubble blowing lawnmower, but then I saw the Bubble Generator, and was intrigued. Once I saw the "Sale!" tag, I was sold. It was $10! That seemed like a deal to me, so into my cart it went.

After naptime, we were all outside enjoying the beautiful day, playing "Moo Ball" (basketball with a cow ball that says Moo on it), when I decided to bring out the bubble machine.

O.M.G. BOTH of the kids, and their daddy, went crazy. It took longer to get out of the packaging than it did to get it set up. It came with batteries (6 AA) and bubble solution (4 ounces - have more on hand), so it was ready to go right out of the box. And believe me, that's a good thing; I don't think anyone could have waited for me to round up the materials for this thing.

I turned this sucker on and was immediately blown away. The bubbles! They were everywhere! I think the 2-year old's jaw literally hit the ground. Bubble dancing commenced.

I was able to sit back and watch, instead of turning blue trying to keep the bubbles going. It was a hit, no doubt about it.

If you want to be wowed, you could check out the Amazing Bubble Generator on Amazon, or just go to Target, where it's considerably cheaper, even when not on sale.

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