Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I think last night was quite possibly one of the worst nights of my life. As I mentioned the other day, we took a trip north to visit my parents. In Pennsylvania. We live in Georgia. That's 12 hours. With a 4-year old and an almost 2-year old. Yeah.

The drive up wasn't too bad; it seemed to go quickly, the kids slept well for the most part. Of course young mister Pukey McPukerson displayed his newfound affliction - car sickness - before we even got out of the state of Georgia. So that was fun. Little did I know that that was only the beginning! But we made it in about 12 hours, then crashed as soon as we got in the door at my parents' house. The hubs and I weren't worth anything for the next two days, but the kids and grandparents were happy, and that was the point.

So, we had a nice visit, did lots of fun things, but then it was time to leave. We decided again to drive at night that way the kids would sleep, wouldn't need as many stops, blah blah blah. You know what they say about 'best laid plans'? Prime example right here.

We got everything loaded up and hit the road around 8:30, figuring that was plenty of time for dinner to have digested at least a little bit. Well, 30 minutes later, Pukey McPukerson made another appearance and we had to stop. Got that cleaned up, jammies changed, everything's hunky-dorey. For about two hours.

As soon as it wasn't my turn to drive anymore and I finally had a chance to take a nap, the little man decides he doesn't want to be in his carseat anymore, after vomiting yet again. I figured I would be able to lay down on the floor of the van and cuddle with him a bit and we could both nap. Disclaimer: I know kids should be buckled into carseats at all times, and I know it's illegal, so don't send me hate mail.

Have you ever spent the night on the floor of a moving mini-van with a sleeping toddler using you as a cot? It's not pleasant. Thank goodness for stow and go seating is all I'm saying. So, it's 2am, I'm trying to get comfortable with a vomitous kid sprawled out on top of me, and I'm completely miserable. I decide then and there that we're flying to grandma's house next time. I don't care how much it will cost! We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, so I've been out of town with severely limited internet access, which is why things have been a little quiet around here. I'm now behind in my posting for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, but I'll be catching up throughout the rest of this week and over the weekend. Stay tuned for more!

**If this post seems kind of rambling, it's because I'm still sleep-deprived. :)

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Debbie said... were in PA and didn't call me!! I'm in NJ you know! Sorry about Pukey, thank goodness we don't deal with that, I don't think I could handle it :(